Our exciting March 18 event with Amoda Maa is right around the corner!

Hi Awakening to Spirit Group Friends and Visitors.

We are in for a treat for our next monthly gathering: Amoda Maa will be joining with us!  Please RSVP wiht me if you plan to come.  debcohen@hotmail.com

Cost is $40 or whatever you can afford. read about Amoda Maa below:

Amoda Maa is a contemporary spiritual teacher and author. 

Her teachings are both timeless and refreshingly modern, offering profound pointers to truth beyond spiritual tradition or ideology while bringing a cutting-edge perspective to spiritual inquiry. 

There’s an urgency today to evolve beyond humanity’s current ego-based paradigm, and along with it, a unique expression of enlightenment is emerging. Amoda’s teachings show you that awakening is no longer about abandoning or transcending physical reality in order to live a spiritual life: it’s about the fulfillment of your divine destiny by living the truth of your inner radiance while in an earthly body. Through these teachings, you are called to anchor yourself in the pristine perfection of your inner light and then to fully embody and express this light amidst the imperfection and darkness of the world. The invitation is for you to discover authentic freedom by being both fully awake and fully human.

“Amoda is a fresh clear voice of the grounded feminine who speaks directly to the heart of anyone hungering for lasting peace in a turbulent and uncertain world. The clarity of her realization shines forth through her words, as she calls for us all to consciously embody the living truth in our ordinary human existence.” 

Amoda’s childhood and early adult years were marked by personal hardship. In her late 20’s, at rock bottom, she found herself fully open to living in the present, and she embarked on a journey of inner exploration that eventually led to a love affair with India. After many years of intense meditation and psycho-spiritual practices, as well as a series of spontaneous transcendent and visionary experiences, she stopped searching for a teacher or teaching and life became the real guru. In 2002, an experience of the dark night of the soul led to a profound inner awakening. After a long period of integration, in 2012 she started speaking to small gatherings in the UK.

Today, she is a unique voice attracting spiritual seekers all around the world as well as countless ordinary people looking for peace and fulfillment in an increasingly chaotic world. She offers talks, meetings and retreats, and is a frequent speaker at conferences and events. She brings to her teachings a depth and breadth of understanding of the human journey, born out of her own immersion in the furnace of personal transformation.

She is the author of How to Find God in Everything (2008), Change Your Life, Change Your World (2012), Radical Awakening (2016) and the soon-to-be-released Embodied Enlightenment (June 2017).

More info at www.amodamaa.com

Watch Amoda’s interviews and talks at https://www.youtube.com/amodamaajeevan

Exciting news for our January through March gatherings!

Dear Readers.

I am very excited to share about our upcoming events for January through March.

For our Saturday January 21 ATS gathering, Mukti–Adyashanti’s wife–will be presenting a satsang for our ATS group over skype and having a dialogue with us!

We will meet at our usual time and place–10 am to noon, at the Davis Holistic Health Center.  The cost for coming to our Jan. 21 gathering will be greater since we need to pay Mukti an honorarium.  Depending on how many attend, the cost, including the room rental fee, will be somewhere between $35 and $45 per person.  Here is a description about Mukti:

About Mukti

Adyashanti formally welcomes Mukti, his wife, as Associate Teacher of Open Gate Sangha. She offers private meetings, leads monthly meditations, and is available for group satsangs and intensives by invitation. Mukti has been a student of Adyashanti since he began teaching in 1996, and together they officially founded Open Gate Sangha. Previously, Mukti studied the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda for over 20 years.  In her own teachings, Mukti points audiences back to their natural state of wholeness or undivided consciousness. Licensed in acupuncture and certified to teach hatha yoga, Mukti has a love of the whole of experience in form, as well as the formless.

To read an interview with Mukti on the topic of “Spiritual Marriage, go to this link:


For our gathering on February 11,  we will create SoulCollage cards once again to bring in new energy and hidden wisdom from our deepest selves relating to what we want to manifest for the New Year. Creating SoulCollages has become a yearly tradition for our group. I will also lead us through a guided meditation to help prepare us for manifesting whatever wants to come forth through the SoulCollage cards. If you have never created a SoulCollage card, please know that you don’t need to be artistic. All you need to do is to bring with you 5 pictures or photos from magazines that seem compelling to you. Your magazine pages will be added to the pages everyone else brings, and each person will create their SoulCollage cards from the collection of the magazine photos. I will supply the cards and glue sticks.

Please email me (debcohen@hotmail.com0 to let me know as soon as possible if you plan to attend the Jan. 21 gathering with Mukti, and the Feb. 11 gathering for creating SoulCollages.  

I am also very excited to let you know that for our Saturday March 18 gathering we will have another nondual, awake spiritual teacher–Amoda Maajoining us in person for a satsang! Here is some info about Amoda:

Amoda Maa (Amoda Maa Jeevan) is a contemporary spiritual teacher and author. Her teaching arises out of direct experience of awakened awareness and emanates the untamable fragrance of freedom whilst radically embracing the mystery and mess of human existence. 

In 2002, after many years of spiritual seeking, meditation and immersion in psycho-spiritual practices, a spontaneous awakening catapulted her out of a dark night of the soul, revealing the luminosity of awakened presence. Without a teacher or instruction manual or any agenda, she opened to an unending falling into the abyss of being. And, in surrendering wholeheartedly to the unfolding unknown-ness and aliveness of this moment, she became a “naked lover of what is”. Since that time, all seeking stopped, all methods dropped, and a gentle but unequivocal coming home to rest in unconditioned nondual awareness has become embodied as a living reality. In 2012, Amoda started speaking from silence in small gatherings in the UK. Today, she offers Satsangs, Retreats, and Private Meetings to a growing global community. 

In the period between awakening and teaching in public, Amoda wrote two books: HOW TO FIND GOD IN EVERYTHING and CHANGE YOUR LIFE, CHANGE YOUR WORLD. Both of these arose out of a mystical visionary experience around the same time as her awakening, in which she was shown the key to humanity’s suffering and the potential for the birth of a new consciousness and a new world. Today, she no longer speaks or writes directly about this experience and her teaching has evolved in both depth and breadth, preferring to point to the radiance of being that is here within each of us and the journey of embodiment amidst ordinary life. Rooted in innate wisdom born of psychological and philosophical insights and fertilized in direct experience through personal suffering transformed into abiding grace, her teaching is free of all dogma, tradition and ideology.

I have had the privilege of sitting with Mukti and Amoda Maa numerous times and both women are luminous, awake spiritual teachers who present with great clarity, inspiration and love as they impart their messages about nonduality and awakening.

There is more exciting info to share with you about what’s in store for 2017 for our group. And that information will come to you soon.

Namaste, dear ones.



November ATS Gathering

For our meeting on Saturday, November 19, we will be engaging in a 30 minute meditation and then discussing sections of the Michael Singer book, The Untethered Soul. This beautiful book directs us to live a life of greater freedom to be our deeper selves and directs us in how to not get trapped by our ego-minds.  Please come join us!


Visit with Prasanna scheduled for October

Dear ATS Friends and New Website Visitors.

If you weren’t able to join with us when we visited with Prasanna in June, you are in for a treat!

The date is Saturday, October 15.  We will again first meet together to have brunch/lunch at the Sunflower Cafe in Sonoma at about 11:15, and then proceed by carpools to visit Prasanna arriving at about 1 p.m. Note that you do not have to join with us for the brunch if you’d rather not.

For those of you who don’t know about Prasanna, he is an awake Indian man who shares “truth” with those of us who seek to live in and from truth.  He is a teacher of nondual spiritual wisdom. 

Prasanna has translated a book of Nisargadatta Maharaj’s and has written his own book titled: Two: The Love Story of One.  He has also been interviewed on documentaries about Nisargadatta and has been quoted in other books.  He is a very humble man who travels very little but receives guests from all over who seek to awaken to the truth of who we are. He is also an amazing spiritual painter and has shared some of his paintings with our group.

Please email me if you would like to join us.

Note that we will not have our regular thirs Saturday of the month ATS gathering in October.




September ATS gathering

Welcome ATS Friends, and anyone who might be checking us out.

After a summer break, we will be reconvening in September. However, we will meet on Saturday September 24–the fourth Saturday of September, instead of on our usual third Saturday of the month.

I will lead the group through a 30 minute meditation.  Following that, we will discuss what is in our hearts and souls regarding what we feel spiritually drawn to.  For those who feel some sense of disconnection from Essence/Spirit/Source, I will offer an experiential exercise for reconnecting and others may offer their own ways of doing this.

We will also share ideas for topics and speakers for our upcoming gatherings.

It will be good to be with everyone again!  I hope you can join us.


Summer gatherings

Hi Dear Ones.

At our May gathering, Toni Bernhard shard her wonderful wisdom– from a Buddhist perspective — on how to be in a calm, peaceful state when dealing with chronic illness and pain.  And we had a great turnout!  Check out her book, How to Live Well with Chronic Pain and Illness: A Mindful Guide.

On Saturday, June 18, our group will carpool to visit Prasanna at his home in Sonoma.  We are very excited that he has invited us to meet with him! Prasanna is an awake mystic and spiritual teacher who offers up his teachings, and his amazing spiritual paintings, at his home. Prasanna has provided commentary on Ramana Maharshi on documentaries, and has translated a book of Nisgardatta quotes into English.  He has also written his own book, Two:The Love Story of One. I have met with him and he is an incredible teacher who can very directly point us to the truth of who we are. There is limited space for this event so please contact me before June 10 if you are interested in joining us.

On Saturday, July 16, we will meet to discuss the Michael Singer book, The Untethered Soul. As usual, I will first lead the group in a nondual meditation.

Note that there will be no gathering in August.

If you have never attended our gatherings, you are most welcome to check us out.  Please just email me to let me know about your interest.  debcohen@hotmail.com

Many blessings.




April through June gatherings–with author Toni Bernhard presenting in May!

Hi ATS Friends.

For our April 16 gathering, I will be leading the group through another i-Rest session, with the focus on calming anxiety and restless sleep.  It will include bodysensing, breathwork, and working with anxious thoughts or worries.  As always, let me know if you plan to come.

I am excited about our May 21 gathering!  Author and Buddhist meditation teacher Toni Bernhard will discuss her latest book: How to Live Well with Chronic Pain and Illness: A Mindful Guide. Toni lives in Davis and is a nationally acclaimed author. She has had a longterm chronic illness and is a longtime Buddhist practitioner and meditation teacher.  Her blog, “Turning Straw into Gold, is hosted on the Psychology Today website.  Toni wrote two highly acclaimed books previously: How To Be Sick:A Buddhist Inspired Guide for the Chronically Ill and their Caregivers, and How to Wake UpWe are very fortunate to have her living and writing in our local area (Davis).

Toni has spoken to our group in the past, and her personal story as well as how she has used Buddhist teachings to cope with her own long term chronic illness are very inspiring! Please consider inviting family and friends.  I am planning to invite some fellow therapists.

There has been a lot of praise for Toni’s latest book.  For example, Alex Lickerman, who wrote The Undefeated Mind, has written about Toni’s book, “No other author I know has written as accurately and insightfully about living with chronic illness as Toni Bernhard.”  Author Kristen Neff wrote, “This wise and profound book will help transform your experience into one of great compassion, equanimity and joy.”

The vast majority of us will be living with chronic illness and/or pain at some point in our lives. And we all know people who do.  So I hope you’ll come to glean more wisdom about how to be with ourselves and others who struggle with illness and pain.

During our June 18 gathering we will discuss Michael Singer’s book, The Untethered Soul.

At our March meeting, we discussed his book, The Surrender Experiment, which we all enjoyed very much.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend our group gatherings, which usually occur the 3rd Saturday of each month.  I hope you can join us!







February and March Gatherings

Hi Dear ATS Friends and Newcomers.

Come check out our group if you haven’t yet, and bring a friend. The group is very friendly, warm and inviting.

Our gathering for February takes place on Saturday February 13 at our usual time: 10 am to noon.  We will be practicing i-Rest again, this time with the focus on connecting with the Awareness that is behind and within all of our experience. I hope you will join us for this 6th i-Rest session.  No previous i-Rest experience needed.  I-Rest, developed by Dr. Richard Miller, is a very powerful path to help you live a contented life, free of conflict and fear, by opening your mind and body to its inherent ground of health and well-being. I-Rest includes body sensing, breath awareness practices, relaxation yoga (Yoga Nidra) and other practices designed to achieve deep calm and peace quickly and easily, even when faced with difficult or traumatic events. As you learn and practice i-Rest, you will find inner resources for deep peace and rest that can be done almost anywhere and at anytime to gain relief from  anxiety, fear, or other uncomfortable physical and emotional symptoms, and cultivate inner peace and homeostasis.

In March we will meet on Saturday the 19th, for a discussion of Michael Singer’s book, The Surrender Experiment. If you have read even a portion of this wonderful book, I hope you will consider joining us.  We will begin with a surrendering meditation.



December Gathering and Next Year

Hi Friends.

This month we will be engaging in another i-Rest practice, with the focus on living in abiding joy. We will meet at our usual day and time: Saturday, December 19 from 10 am to noon, at the Davis Holistic Health Center.

Beginning in January, our format will change.  We will continue with the i-Rest sessions but they will take place every other month instead of monthly.  During the alternate months we will go back to our earlier format of group meditation and nondual spiritual exploration and discussion, with periodic guest presenters.

For the January 16 meeting we will enjoy our annual SoulCollage card creations: to usher out what isn’t serving our souls and attract in what does–for the New Year of 2016.  If you have never created SoulCollage Cards, you are in for a treat!  Please check in with me to find out more about them, and visit the website soulcollage.com

Feel free to bring a friend or family member to any of our events.  Just let me know how many will be coming.

Happy Holidays, dear ones!



Upcoming fall gatherings

Hi ATS Friends.

We are continuing to experience i-Rest practices designed to help you with anxiety, depression, sleep challenges, body pain and discomfort, and most of all–with awakening to your true nature!  The next gathering takes place on Saturday October 17.

I-Rest is amazingly simple but profound. Working with our breath, body sensations, thoughts, beliefs, emotions where we let everything be just as it is and notice what happens is powerful! We get to let ourselves experience moving fully into what is happening and to welcome the opposites of our unpleasant thoughts, emotions and sensations, all the while experiencing the subtle sense of being or presence that is always the background of whatever is arising. We practice and learn to tools to bring balance into our often hectic, unstable lives.  Such a gift!  Come and see what I mean if you have not yet partaken of the i-Rest process. You will likely go home with a smile on your face and feeling relaxed and revived, at the very least.