October gathering on second Saturday–and back to the basics

As is almost always the case, when we gather on Saturday October 12, I will lead the group through a 20-25 minute guided meditation. 

After that, I will share and we will discuss some recent Adyashanti teachings.

Note that we are also in a new home: The Davis Unitarian Univeralist Church Library Building.

I hope you will check us out if you are new to our group. It is a wonderful “soul group” of like hearts and minds.

Saturday September 21: Panel Presentation: Meditations and Spiritual Practices offered by Davis Spiritual Teachers

Please join us for an amazing event: four renowned Davis spiritual teachers and group facilitators will provide a taste of their meditation and spiritual practices and describe their approach to spirituality. They will also discuss questions like: what is God/Source/Spirit and how might Davis spiritual groups coordinate with each other for the benefit of the Davis community?  One hour of presentations and discussions followed by one hour of Q and A with the audience.


  • Gerry Hair leads the Awakening Community Group.  Gerry’s approach to spiritual practice is based on a mix of traditions, including Christian mysticism, Buddhism, Sufism, and Taoism.
  • Rabbi Seth Castleman leads the Mindful Moment Meditation Group. He was trained and authorized as a dharma teacher by Jack Kornfield, one of the founders of the Spirit Rock Meditation Center.
  • Terry Parker has led a meditation and chanting Siddha Yoga Group. Terry’s spiritual orientation is Advaita Yoga from India.
  • Larry Melton leads a “satsang” at the Unitarian Universalist Church once a month.  He teaches nondual spiritual wisdom in the lineage of Adyashanti.

            Moderator: Deborah Cohen, facilitator of the Awakening to Spirit Group.

Cost: $10 per person. Pay at the door.

May 18 gathering

I will offer the group a 30 minute guided meditation and then share some life-changing experiences I have recently gone through.  As well, we will discuss the direction I am thinking of taking the group when we convene again in September–at a new location to yet be determined.  If you have never attended, you are welcome to come and hear about our plans for when we re-group in the fall and add your ideas to the mix!

A Special Satsang for our February Meeting

We will have a special treat for you for our next gathering on Saturday February 23 from 10 am to noon at the Davis Holistic Health Center:  David Breaux will come and offer a satsang for us, including a meditation, presentation and then Q and A.  

David is another wonderful example of how it is to live in a “state” of abiding awakeness in the world. I had the pleasure of spending some time with him recently and enjoyed his clear energy and gentle presence.

David will also have his book available for sale: Compassion, Davis, CA: A Compilation of Concepts on Compassion. 

I hope you can join us.

Next ATS gathering January 26th: Shamanic Journeying to bring forth spiritual insights for navigating a challenging 2019

Back by popular demand, with the accompaniment of my drum, you will engage in an inner journey to the “Upper World” to bring back deep spiritual insights and wisdom for how you can navigate what is sure to be a difficult year ahead. Please contact me if you are new to shamanic journeying and have questions.

Back by Popular Demand: SoulCollage for December 15 gathering

Our popular yearly ritual in December is the creation of SoulCollage cards. These cards help you bring in new energy and hidden wisdom from your deepest self– relating to what you want to let go of as the year ends and what you want to manifest in the New Year.  I will lead you through a guided meditation to help prepare you to manifest whatever wants to come forth through the SoulCollage cards.

To learn more about SoulCollage cards, check out this website: https://www.soulcollage.com/


Next gathering on November 17

For our Saturday Nov. 17 meeting, I will lead the group in a 25-30 minute meditation, and then we will have a discussion about our spiritual paths–what each of us are drawn to in order to renew our souls and spirits in these difficult times: including books, workshops, retreats, groups, spiritual practices, meditation practices, spiritual teachers, and what you feel you want to dive into and explore further.

I hope you will join us.  This is a great gathering to attend if you are new to the group!  Come and bring family and friends.

October 20 gathering on healing from grief and loss

For our Saturday October 20 gathering, we will explore the many dimensions of grief and loss.  More specifically, we are all dealing with grief and loss right now –whether in the form of the actual loss of a family member, a pet, or a friend, or the grief and sense of loss that comes from living in dark times where very little feels the same as it did before –a loss of our sense of what we thought were “givens” in our lives. And then there are the losses that come with our aging.
I will start us off with a meditation that will lead you into focusing on your recent losses and exploring how they live inside of you, as you give yourself permission to feel them.  Then I will lead us into a discussion about how love is always with us–even after the loss of loved ones.  Our deceased loved ones live on in our hearts and in the One Heart.
This gathering is not for the “faint of heart.”  It will take courage to show up and bare your soul about how your losses are affecting you.  We will especially hold space for those of you who are dealing with more painful losses right now.