June 20 Zoom meeting–spiritual resources to help us during these times

We will begin with my leading you through a 20-25 min. inner resourcing meditation. Then we will be discussing spiritual and wellbeing resources we are using to make the most of life and to feel spiritually connected with s/Self, loved ones, Consciousness. I will offer up a few I have used. 

Please join in if you are new to our group/. We’ve had very rich discussions since we began zooming in April. We’d love to have you with us.

Zoom ATS gathering Saturday May 16 on Spiritual Shadow

We had a wonderful first Zoom gathering in April.  There were about 15 of us on the call, and it went very well.  It wasn’t the same as being in person with each other, but I think those of you who participated would agree that it was very worthwhile, since you told me you are interested in more Zoom gatherings.

I hope more of you can join with us next time.  And next time will be Saturday May 16.  I am adjusting the time period a bit–a 105-minute session instead of a 2 hour or 120 minute session, or, from 10:15 am to noon, because 2 hours over Zoom feels a bit long for a few people and for me.

The focus of the gathering will be “spiritual shadow.”  We will look at and discuss how most spiritual communities have had shadow showing up in their midst, as well as how we each have our own personal spiritual shadow elements. Spiritual shadow encompasses many aspects: from a spiritual teacher who has taken advantage of his/her followers –such as inappropriately using money, power and sex– to an “inner circle” of followers who feel superior to other followers/community members, to a personal “spiritual bypassing” that just about everyone engages in at times.

After the initial guided meditation, I will ask for brief check-ins from group participants only if they feel pertinent to the whole group, where it feels the group would benefit from the check in.  The check-ins will be limited to 1-2 minutes, depending on how many people participate.

I have been finishing up a nine-month mentorship  involving studying spiritual communities with shadow elements.  I will share with you what I have learned from the mentorship as well as what I witnessed within a spiritual community of which I was a participant for many years.  There will also be an exercise for you to explore your personal spiritual shadow.  Any of you who have experienced spiritual shadow within a spiritual community of which you were a member/participant will have the opportunity to share your own experiences.

To start us off, I want to recommend “Wild Wild Country”, streamed on Amazon Prime, if you happen to be a member.  The documentary is a six-part series about the rise and fall of “Osho” –as he is best known–and his community of followers.  The movie is not required viewing for the ATS gathering, and is approximately 6-7 hours long.  Even if you are only able to watch one or two episodes, you will find it helpful. It is a wonderful documentary series.

Please let me know if you plan to attend the Zoom gathering or not. These gatherings are free, since I don’t need to pay a room rental fee for when we meet in person.

We may stay with the topic of spiritual shadow for the next few months, depending on your interest.

April 18 Zoom gathering on Collective Shadow–10 am to noon

These are the times that test our spiritual connection. As someone stated, “if you can’t go outside, go inside.”

The focus will be a 20 minute guided meditation followed by short check ins about how you are coping spiritually. We are living in the times of our dark collective shadow now, and we will also focus on this as the theme for this gathering. The lighthearted movie “Bernie,” and its message about collective shadow, will be discussed for part of our session together so please watch it if you are able. It is available through Netflix and Amazon. If you don’t have the chance to see the movie, join with us anyway. It isn’t necessary to see the movie.

I am glad to offer a brief introduciton to using Zoom for anyone who needs it. Just let me know.

I welcome those of you who haven’t attended a group session. This gathering will be free and a chance to try out our group and my meditations and tecahings, and right from your own home!

Individual Shadow Work, Part 2 on Saturday February 22 and special gathering with guest on March 21

On Saturday, February 22 from 10 am to noon, we will continue to work with individual shadow.  I will offer writing and dyad exercises where you will be further discovering elements of inner shadow.   This is the first important step in bringing your shadow to light in order to have acceptance of it and possible transformation.  Note that you do not have to have attended last month’s introduction to shadow work. Fee will be the usual $5. New folks are welcome!

On Saturday, March 21, from 11 am to 1 pm (not our usual time frame), we will have the honor and privelege of having Joan Tollifson join with us for a live Zoom (video) session.  Joan lives in the Ashland, OR area and is not travelling these days, but is able to join with us on the Zoom platform.  (We have a large mounted TV screen in the library room on which to see her–one of the big advantages to our new gathering venue.) Joan will be discussing her latest book: Death: The End of Self-Improvement.  She has written a number of wonderful books on nondual spiritual wisdom.  I recommend you read at least a portion of this book if you plan to join with us.  And the focus of Joan’s book fits right in with our shadow work, as I think you will appreciate when you read it.  The book also contains useful information on spiritual awakening. The cost for this gathering will be $5 for the usual room rental fee plus a donation for Joan.  It is recommended that the donation be at least $20 but up to you. (Flyer attached.)

January 2020 gathering –focus on shadow work

On Saturday, January 18 from 10 am to noon we will be gathering to begin exploring “shadow,” the hidden parts of our personalities that are projected onto others and onto the world.  We will likely continue with this exploration in 2020.

In my psychotherapy practice, I offered weekly shadow groups for 10 years.  I have much to experientially share with the group about this topic, which is also a very important area of exploration relating to our spiritual journeys. It is often our shadow issues that pull us back into our sense of being separate selves.  Our shadow–individually and collectively– keeps us from feeling greater peace, equanimity, connection with others, and with all that is.

Collective shadow in the U.S. is certainly front and center of what is happening politically. Our shadow elements continue to manifest  because we have not become fully conscious of them and therefore able to heal them.

I hope you can join us. We welcome new people. Come check out the group!

Creating SoulCollage Cards to Manifest in the New Year

For our December 14 gathering we will create Soulcollage cards to bring in new energy and hidden wisdom from our deepest selves relating to what we each want to let go of as the year ends and what we want to manifest in the New Year. Creating Soulcollage cards has become an end of year tradition for our group for many years. I will lead you through a guided meditation to help prepare you to manifest whatever wants to come forth through the SoulCollage cards. This is a popular gathering so I hope you can join with us. New people are welcome to join!

To learn more about SoulCollage cards, check out this website: https://www.soulcollage.com/

Cost is $15 to pay for the cards, glue sticks and room rental fee

Note: We aren’t meeting in November because of PG&E work being done at our meeting venue

October gathering on second Saturday–and back to the basics

As is almost always the case, when we gather on Saturday October 12, I will lead the group through a 20-25 minute guided meditation. 

After that, I will share and we will discuss some recent Adyashanti teachings.

Note that we are also in a new home: The Davis Unitarian Univeralist Church Library Building.

I hope you will check us out if you are new to our group. It is a wonderful “soul group” of like hearts and minds.

Saturday September 21: Panel Presentation: Meditations and Spiritual Practices offered by Davis Spiritual Teachers

Please join us for an amazing event: four renowned Davis spiritual teachers and group facilitators will provide a taste of their meditation and spiritual practices and describe their approach to spirituality. They will also discuss questions like: what is God/Source/Spirit and how might Davis spiritual groups coordinate with each other for the benefit of the Davis community?  One hour of presentations and discussions followed by one hour of Q and A with the audience.


  • Gerry Hair leads the Awakening Community Group.  Gerry’s approach to spiritual practice is based on a mix of traditions, including Christian mysticism, Buddhism, Sufism, and Taoism.
  • Rabbi Seth Castleman leads the Mindful Moment Meditation Group. He was trained and authorized as a dharma teacher by Jack Kornfield, one of the founders of the Spirit Rock Meditation Center.
  • Terry Parker has led a meditation and chanting Siddha Yoga Group. Terry’s spiritual orientation is Advaita Yoga from India.
  • Larry Melton leads a “satsang” at the Unitarian Universalist Church once a month.  He teaches nondual spiritual wisdom in the lineage of Adyashanti.

            Moderator: Deborah Cohen, facilitator of the Awakening to Spirit Group.

Cost: $10 per person. Pay at the door.

May 18 gathering

I will offer the group a 30 minute guided meditation and then share some life-changing experiences I have recently gone through.  As well, we will discuss the direction I am thinking of taking the group when we convene again in September–at a new location to yet be determined.  If you have never attended, you are welcome to come and hear about our plans for when we re-group in the fall and add your ideas to the mix!