ATS Group Welcome and Orientation in September

Dear ATS Group  Friends.

I hope you’ve been having a good summer, despite the wildfire smoke and political craziness that is our country’s lot these days.

Our monthly gatherings will begin again on Saturday Sept. 15.

I will be offering a warm welcome and orientation to new ATS Meetup members. Then, after a 20-25 minute meditation, we will have a discussion on what “nondual spirituality” is all about. I will lead the group through some exercises that will experientially give everyone a taste of the “nondual”. There should also be time for questions and answers about how to deepen your spiritual sense of connection with the ALL and discussion about what gets in the way of this connection. Those of you are have been on a “nondual spiritual “journey” for awhile are encouraged to share your insights.

Please plan to come and bring your “beginner’s mind.”



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