December 16 ATS Soul Collage Gathering

During our December gathering we wil be engaging in our yearly ritual of creating Soulcollage cards to bring in new energy and hidden wisdom from our deepest selves relating to what we want to manifest in the New Year. Creating soulcollages has become a yearly tradition for our group. I will also lead us through a guided meditation to help prepare us for manifesting whatever wants to come forth through the SoulCollage cards. If you have never created a Soulcollage card, please know that you don’t need to be artistic. All you need to do is to bring with you 8-10 pictures or photos from magazines that seem compelling to you. Your magazine pages will be added to the pages everyone else brings, and each person will create their Soulcollage cards from the collection of the magazine photos. I will supply the cards. Check out SoulCollages at or you can do a search under “Soulcollage pictures” to see examples of SoulCollages.

I hope you can join us!  Please RSVP by Dec.1 if possible.

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