Nov. 20 Zoom gathering: Exploring Spiritual Dreams

For our Nov. 20th ATS meeting, taking place as usual from 10:30 am -12 pm Pacific Time, we will share and discuss “spiritual dreams.” (Spiritual dreams are however you would define the phrase “spiritual dream.”) For this gathering, you may want to consider asking for such a dream right before you fall off to sleep each night or if/when you awaken in the middle of the night.  In this way, you are “seeding” your unconscious mind to bring the dream to your conscious attention. I suggest that when you awaken and remember your spiritual dream, try to stay in the same bodily position and review the details of the dream as best you can before you change your position in bed or get up to use the bathroom. Staying in the same position helps you to remember the details, which can and usually will be lost if you even turn your body to the other side or sit up. Then date the dream to remember when it occurred, and write about how it speaks to you. 

You will have the opportunity to share the dream with the group and to share whatever meaning you have derived from it.  Or you can ask the group to help you with interpreting the dream.  I will say more about that process when we meet.  As well, you can share any spiritual dreams from the past that have deeply inspired you.

If you don’t have any dreams to share or you don’t want to share them, you are welcome to join with us anyway.
I will, as always, start us off with a guided meditation.

As always, I will lead you through a guided meditation for the first 20 minutes of our ZOom gathering.

Please let me know if you plan to attend and I will email you the Zoom link. Newcomers are welcome!

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