Manifesting for 2022 your next steps for your spiritual unfoldment

For the first 2022 ATS Zoom meeting, scheduled for Saturday January 15, I will lead you through a guided meditation related to manifesting what your soul most wants for your spiritual growth, and then we will work with that creatively.  If you are up for it, you might consider taking some time between now and our next meeting to ask for a message from your dreams or sit in meditation and ask for a message of what next steps your soul wants you to manifest in 2022. Then if you feel up to it, you could create something that helps you connect with your next steps relating to the message you received, such as creating a poem, song, mandala, Zentangle, painting, collage, SoulCollage, piece of writing—anything that further elucidates your next steps.  I would also recommend creating a mantra for daily use to remind you of your new year focus.  During the gathering there will be an opportunity for you to share with the group what you created, but you will also have the opportunity during the gathering to do more manifesting and creating around your 2022 spiritual growth theme. 

As always, new folks are very welcome to join with us!

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