Using your dream wisdom to manifest spiritual unfoldment in the New Year

For our next Zoom gathering on Saturday December 18 from 10:30-12 PST, I will begin as always with a guided meditation.  After that we will continue exploring dreams–in particular exploring how to use your dreams to connect with a way you hold yourself back from spiritual growth and what you want to bring into your awareness and focus on in 2022 to help with your spiritual unfoldment. 

To prepare for this session, as you drift off to sleep, have the intention to learn about how you hold yourself back, until your dream(s) give you information about that.  Then ask your dream wisdom what within you wants to manifest in the New Year for next steps in your spiritual unfoldment. If you do not receive answers to these questions, join with us anyway.  You may get hits about answers to these questions during the session.  As always, I will begin the session with a guided meditation. 

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