October 20 gathering on healing from grief and loss

For our Saturday October 20 gathering, we will explore the many dimensions of grief and loss.  More specifically, we are all dealing with grief and loss right now –whether in the form of the actual loss of a family member, a pet, or a friend, or the grief and sense of loss that comes from living in dark times where very little feels the same as it did before –a loss of our sense of what we thought were “givens” in our lives. And then there are the losses that come with our aging.
I will start us off with a meditation that will lead you into focusing on your recent losses and exploring how they live inside of you, as you give yourself permission to feel them.  Then I will lead us into a discussion about how love is always with us–even after the loss of loved ones.  Our deceased loved ones live on in our hearts and in the One Heart.
This gathering is not for the “faint of heart.”  It will take courage to show up and bare your soul about how your losses are affecting you.  We will especially hold space for those of you who are dealing with more painful losses right now.

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