November 21 Zoom gathering

Are you nervous about the upcoming elections and how to cope with the results–whatever they are? On Saturday, Nov. 21, from 10:30 to noon I will lead you through a grounding meditation followed by support and discussion for how you are doing with self-care and with any anger, uncertainty, disillusionment, fear and anxiety you feel that might relate to the election aftermath.  We may possibly not even know by that date who our next president will be.  I will incorporate nondual spiritual teachings into our discussion and will welcome others to do the same.   Please understand that this will NOT be a political discussion!  It will be about processing your thoughts and feelings without going into polarized thinking and discussion about the political issues at hand. Therefore, please–no statements about which candidate(s) you want/prefer– but instead we’ll explore incorporating nondual spiritual wisdom into however you may be emotionally triggered.

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