April 18 Zoom gathering on Collective Shadow–10 am to noon

These are the times that test our spiritual connection. As someone stated, “if you can’t go outside, go inside.”

The focus will be a 20 minute guided meditation followed by short check ins about how you are coping spiritually. We are living in the times of our dark collective shadow now, and we will also focus on this as the theme for this gathering. The lighthearted movie “Bernie,” and its message about collective shadow, will be discussed for part of our session together so please watch it if you are able. It is available through Netflix and Amazon. If you don’t have the chance to see the movie, join with us anyway. It isn’t necessary to see the movie.

I am glad to offer a brief introduciton to using Zoom for anyone who needs it. Just let me know.

I welcome those of you who haven’t attended a group session. This gathering will be free and a chance to try out our group and my meditations and tecahings, and right from your own home!

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