Fall ATS Gatherings

Mark your calendars for our gathering in Davis on Sat., November 17: a Toltec Shaman will lead us through some profound spiritual exercises. This will be a special treat.

At the Sacramento ATS gathering scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 1, I will share some nondual wisdom teachings I recently heard about, and will lead the group through some experiential exercises designed to help you experience non-duality or feeling a deep connection with all that is.

At the Davis ATS gathering on Saturday, Dec. 15, we will discuss the knowledge of indiginous peoples throughout the world about the coming planetary changes that begin on 12-21-12, and how to stay centered to “weather the approaching emotional and physical storms” that will come.

On Saturday, January 4, in Sacramento, the focus of our gathering will be a conversation about the gratitude and appreciation we feel when we live in and from our hearts, and how we can share from this sense of abundance with others, and especially with those less fortunate than us. We should each come away with inspiration, and heart-opening ways to more effectively live from a sense of spiritual abundance. This will be a wonderful way to begin the New Year with a deeper connection of meaning and purpose in our lives.

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