January and February 2013 Gatherings

At the upcoming ATS gathering in Sacramento on Saturday, January 5, we will once again create Soulcollage cards to usher in new energy and the wisdom from our deepest selves relating to what we might manifest in the New Year. I will lead us through a guided meditation designed to help prepare us for whatever wants to come forth. You can read about Soulcollage at http://www.soulcollage.com Creating soulcollage cards for the New Year has become an ATS tradition.

For our upcoming gathering in Davis on January 19, I will lead the group through a meditation and some experiential exercises designed to help you experience Reality as it actually IS, when our minds don’t get in the way. You may have a glimpse of how through your direct experience with “the world” you are able to sense that there is no separate self, and that it is possible to experience the unity of all things.

In February we will not be meeting on our regular Saturdays because I will be out of town on those weekends. Instead, we will have one gathering in Davis on Saturday, February 23. During this gathering I will lead a meditation and we will then have a discussion about spiritual teachers and teachings and spiritual practices that inspire us.

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