Summer ATS gatherings

Hi Friends.

Just want to catch you up on the Awakening to Spirit group happenings these next few months.

We will not have our usual Sacramento gatherings in July and August, but we will be meeting in Davis the third Saturdays of both months. On July 21, from 10 am until noon, we will watch the DVD “I Am,” in which Tom Shadyac (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective) converses with prominent philosophers and spiritual leaders about what ails our world and how we can improve it. Traveling the globe to conduct his in-depth interviews, Shadyac finds insights and inspiration from Archbishop Desmond Tutu, historian Howard Zinn, philosopher Noam Chomsky and other luminaries.

On Saturday, August 18, I will lead in the group in a meditation to connect with their deep, wise, Greater Self. Then I will pair up group members who don’t know each other, and each group member will take turns being in the role of giver and receiver of spiritual wisdom. The receiver will ask the giver whatever profound questions the receiver wants to have answered.

In September, the ATS group will meet again in Sacramento, on the second Sat. (Sept. 8) for a special mandala creating workshop with Vina Parmar, an amazing Buddhist meditation teacher who has led dozens of mandala workshops over the years. The third Sat. of Sept. (Sept. 15) the Davis group will learn self-muscle testing from me, to use for accessing deeper bodily truth/wisdom.

Be sure to check out the website blog posts for updates if you don’t always check your Facebook page.

As always, email me if you plan to come to any particular gathering.

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