October 16 Zoom gathering: Exploring daily resistance to aceepting what is

For our October meeting, the theme will be accepting life as it is and noticing where your resistances to this are manifesting.

Some preparation for the session is important.  If you plan to attend and feel up to it, I am requesting that you keep a record of when and how you are resisting the things you cannot control in life as they arise, each day, as best as you are able.  You may notice there are themes to your resistances.  And related triggers.  You may also notice that life will present you with more and often larger challenges as you go along. Ideally, you would set an alarm on your phone to remind you to document the day’s resistances, with the goal of documenting a minimum of one each day. You might want to set a reminder alarm or some way to remind you around mid-day and around bedtime.

Are you up for this? It is a very eye opening and worthwhile exercise. 

Please let me know if you plan to attend.  As always, I will lead you in a theme-related guided meditation to start us off.

We always welcome newcomers so please consider joining with us!

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