March 28 ATS gathering and more

We had a lively discussion during our Feb. 21 gathering on the question “Do things happened for a reason?” There was no conclusion by all who gathered but we were able to share amazing stories of synchronicities in our lives that seem to have spiritual meaning for us and to provide a sense of forward movement and being “in the flow.”  And yet, most of us have tasted the sense of being “awareness” and therefore the experience that there is only this moment.  We could “grok” that if we are awareness itself, then meaning-making is just of the mind and ultimately is only a way to keep us in our thoughts and thus in our sense of being a separate self. Yet, we can be the wave and the ocean–the wave can have its stories and its dreams but some part of it knows it is a manifestation of the ocean, which exists as it is, without a need for meaning.

Our next gathering, scheduled for Saturday March 28 (not our usual third Saturday), will focus on the writings of Joan Tollifson.  People who plan to attend are encouraged to check out Joan’s Facebook page and to read some or all of her book, Nothing to Grasp. Her writings about nondual awareness/awakeness are clear, sharp, and very accessible. Come join us!

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