New Exciting Direction for ATS Group beginning on April 18

For my old and new ATS friends:

I want to take you on a journey when we meet together over the course of the next 10-12 months.  I want to present to you experiences of being more in touch with your body, and more in sync with what it wants for you. Your body is very wise.  And, I want to give you exercises that will help you connect with a deep sense of being–of being the truth of what you are.

I will share with you some relaxation yoga and “getting-in-touch” practices that I learned from a training with Dr. Richard Miller, of the Integrative Restoration Institute. Richard developed i-Rest, a very powerful path to help you live a contented life, free of conflict and fear, by opening your mind and body to its inherent ground of health and well-being. I-Rest includes body sensing, breath awareness practices relaxation yoga (Yoga Nidra) and other practices designed to achieve deep calm and peace quickly and easily, even when faced with difficult or traumatic events.

As you learn and practice what I share, you will find inner resources for deep peace and rest that can be done almost anywhere and at anytime to gain relief from  anxiety, fear, or other uncomfortable physical and emotional symptoms, and cultivate inner peace and homeostasis.

As well and most importantly, iRest is a path of awakening.  Richard Miller himself is an awake, nondual teacher.  He has extensively studied all of the great wisdom spiritual teachings from around the world, as well as deeply studying and experiencing many forms of yoga.  He had a number of awakening experiences many years ago and lives as a shining light of awakeness for so many.  He is helping military personnel all over the world to awaken to their true nature through his iRest trainings, which are now taught at dozens of military bases and VA Centers.

I had the pleasure of partaking in a i-Rest teacher training with him recently and I am now an iRest “teacher in training,” and will be teaching his powerful full-body awakening process to you! I am working toward becoming a certified i-Rest teacher.

This all begins on Saturday, April 18. Each month I will build on what I shared previously.

If you miss any sessions, you can still come, partake of the process, and not be lost. Each month the exercises we do will stand on their own, but together, they will provide you with a foundation that –if practiced  ongoingly– will help you eliminate stress, assist you with sleep challenges, provide relief from interpersonal problems, and neutralize anxiety, fear, anger and depression.

At its deepest level, iRest helps you enter a deep meditative state and go beyond self-limiting beliefs to reveal your true nature as awareness.  In fact, this process of connecting with awareness is woven in throughout the i-Rest course that I will offer.

I am very excited to offer this and I hope you will come try it out.

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