June Sacramento Valley ATS gatherings

Here’s the update for the gatherings in June and July:

On Saturday, June 9 in Sacramento, Bella Dreizler will lead us through the Five Rythyms Dance process. I have done Five Rythyms Dance a few times and love it! It is a wonderful way to learn to meditate with the assistance of body movement and to come into your body more fully. Your body movement becomes the meditation. My experience with Five Rythyms was that I felt at total harmony in my body and there was no separate “me” from “my body” and the “body” of the group. Bella is well-loved in the Sacramento community and she has led people through Five Rhythyms Dance for many years. You don’t have to know how to dance or be athletic to benefit from and enjoy this movement meditation process. There will be a $20 fee for this gathering, to pay Bella and for the room rental.

On Saturday, June 16, Jean Adamian will present to us about “Resonance Repatterning,” an energetic healing technique that helps to heal the emotional and physical body from life traumas that stay blocked in the body. Jean will talk about the process and then demonstrate it with a member of the group. Jean is an herbalist who has also done energy healing work for 25 plus years.

On Saturday, July 21, We will view the documentary “I Am” and discuss it. It is a wonderful doc of spiritual luminary interviews.

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