Spring 2013 ATS Gatherings Update

On Saturday, May 4, we will meet from 10 am to noon, as usual, at Ancient Future in Sacramento. The focus will be a presentation and discussion on the nondual wisdom teachers and teachings that are the foundation for our group’s existence. I will begin by leading the group in a meditation that will last about 20 minutes. I will bring books and other resources on nondual wisdom as well, and I welcome you to do the same. For some of our future ATS gatherings, we as a group will decide on readings and/or videos we want to watch and then discuss at our gatherings, including for the upcoming gathering in Sacramento ATS event on June 1. New people are welcome to come! This is a good gathering to begin our group with.

We will not have our usual monthly gathering on May 18 because I will be out of town.

For the Sacramento June 1 gathering, we will discuss a nondual wisdom teacher’s writings or book that the group will decide on at the May 4 gathering.

For the Davis June 15 gathering, I will offer a satsang, sharing my own experiences in the moment with awakeness and why we suffer and get attached to our thoughts. Please come with questions to ask me.

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