February 2014 Events

In spiritual circles, the word “soul” is used quite a bit these days. Perhaps overused. But what does it really mean? And what is its significance in our lives? At the upcoming ATS events on Saturday, February 1 in Sacramento and Saturday, February 22 in Davis, I will offer a two-part look at the Soul. We do not “have” a soul, we ARE a soul. Until we wake up and realize there is no individual self with a soul. How does it try to get our personality’s attention? How do we connect with its wisdom? How do we connect with our soul wisdom so that we can manifest our soul’s dream for us, a life of quiet service, compassion, peacefulness, dignity, humility; the life most of us were born to manifest.

If you miss part one, you will still learn a lot from part 2. There will be time for discussion and sharing about ways in which you already connect with your soul. I will also include an experiential exercise during each gathering.

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