Update on Fall Events

Welcome to our ongoing participants and to potential new friends!

Fall has just begun, and change is in the air with our ATS group. Unfortunately, we have lost our Sacramento meeting venue, and I am needing to find us a new one, preferably in the midtown area.  I have a possible meeting venue to investigate.  Meanwhile, we are taking a break from our Sacramento gatherings for a month or two or three.  If you live in the Sacramento area and you want the group to continue to meet once a month in Sacramento, please email me to let me know this!  The number of regular participants coming to our Sacramento gatherings has ebbed in recent months, and unless this number increases soon, we may not meet again in Sacramento until the new year.  We are coming up on ten years of regular monthly gatherings (in Dec.),and it is not unusual for groups like ours to have periods of less interest and attendance as time goes on.

The Davis gatherings are going strong and will still continue on the third Saturdays of each month. For our upcoming meeting on Saturday, October 18, we will be continuing with our exploration and discussion of Adyashanti’s book, “The End of Your World.” We began this exploration at our September gathering, and since many ATS folks had not read much or all of the book but were greatly enjoying it, we want to continue with our discussion.  Please come even if you have not read much of the book.  You can still listen in and learn about Adya’s teachings in this wonderful book. We welcome new participants, so come to meet usnd check out our group, even if you haven’t had the chance to read the book.

As always, please email me if you plan to attend in October or if you have any feedback for me.  debcohen@hotmail.com


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