Spring and Summer ATS Events

Hi Friends.

I am excited to share with you about the upcoming gatherings for April through July, when we will not be on our regular schedule.

We always welcome newcomers to come check us out!

Please join us for our gathering at the Davis Holistic Health Center this coming Saturday, April 19.
I will present on the important teachings I have embraced in the past 20 plus years while studying nondual wisdom spiritual teachings. I began this sharing at our Sacramento gathering a few weeks ago, and I look forward to sharing more and having another lively discussion on the teachings! It was a wonderful gathering we had in Sacramento as we explored how some of these teachings fit for many of us, and how some of us struggle with them. Please remember that truth cannot really be spoken in words, because words can only be pointers to truth. And my words are imperfect indeed! I present one sense of what Oneness/Consciousness/Ultimate Reality is, but I have no claim on what ultimate reality is really about. However, what I am presenting is mostly consensus information from the awake teachers whose words I have studied directly while sitting with them, or while reading their books.

Note that there is a change in presentation for our special Saturday May 24 Davis gathering: we will have a guest presenter, Kristen Farquhar, present to us about our “inner voices.” She will share with us a very specific breath exercise; one that was given to her alone in ceremony while in Mexico on a Spiritual Pilgrimage to Teotichucan (city of the gods) during the Summer Solstice 2003. The breath exercise is deeply relaxing and highly transformational. It is a first step towards finding one’s inner voice. She will also demonstrate to us how to access this inner voice for our health, wholeness, and healing.

On Saturday, June 14, we will gather in Sacramento and I will offer a presentation on Adyashanti’s teachings, followed by discussion.

One more thing: don’t forget about the morning ATS gathering and then afternoon public presentation by Ross Oldenstadt that is scheduled for Saturday, July 12, in West Sacramento. If you already know that you plan to attend, please let me know this as well. He is an awake teacher coming from Oregon, and we are very fortunate to have him present to us!

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