Our i-Rest Sessions have been popular!

Hi Friends.

Beginning in April I led the ATS group through some I-Rest practices. So far we have completed three months of I-Rest.  A large group of ATS folks came for each monthly i-Rest gathering –April through June. Many people told me they very much enjoyed learning i-Rest practices.  See my earlier blog post in April for details about i-Rest..

We were going to meet in July but my stepmom un-expectantly passed away. August will also be a month off for our group gatherings. Therefore, our next gathering will be on Saturday September 19 at our usual meeting place in Davis. We will continue with the i-Rest practices in September.

You can come join in at any time–each I-Rest session stands on its own. Come experience a practice that can free you up from depression, anxiety, sleep problems, PTSD and can also be a way to connect with your true nature!  Email or call me if you’d like to learn more.



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