January 2020 gathering –focus on shadow work

On Saturday, January 18 from 10 am to noon we will be gathering to begin exploring “shadow,” the hidden parts of our personalities that are projected onto others and onto the world.  We will likely continue with this exploration in 2020.

In my psychotherapy practice, I offered weekly shadow groups for 10 years.  I have much to experientially share with the group about this topic, which is also a very important area of exploration relating to our spiritual journeys. It is often our shadow issues that pull us back into our sense of being separate selves.  Our shadow–individually and collectively– keeps us from feeling greater peace, equanimity, connection with others, and with all that is.

Collective shadow in the U.S. is certainly front and center of what is happening politically. Our shadow elements continue to manifest  because we have not become fully conscious of them and therefore able to heal them.

I hope you can join us. We welcome new people. Come check out the group!

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