Fall Events

I am excited to share our events for October and November (and a bit behind in uppdating this blog).

Suzan Dalle returned by popular demand to our October 5 ATS event at Ancient Future in Sacramento. She shared about how she has learned to integrate her dualistic nature, giving insights and wisdom for how we can do this too.

As a follow-up to Suzan’s teaching, on Saturday, October 19 at the Davis Holistic Health Center, I will share the teachings from Leslie Temple Thurston of Corelight for how to transcend the “dualistic” thinking and behaviors we engage in so that we can live more integrated, peaceful lives and awaken more to the truth of who and what we are. I will lead the group through an experiential process to help with integrating this material. The techniques I will share come from Leslie Temple Thurston’s “Marriage of Spirit” book.

On Saturday, November 2 at Ancient Future in Sacramento, Mary Kieran will be present on “Human Design,” which combines the Hindu chakra system that involves “centers of awareness” with the I-Ching, the Kabbalah, and astrology. If there is time, Mary will also discuss information she has studied about the “heart-line” in each person’s hands that indicates one’s “relationship style.” This event will be somewhat experiential.

Note that the group will not be meeting on the third Saturday of Novvember or December in Davis. We will resume the Davis gatherings in January.

We welcome new people to come and check us out! There are usually one or two new people at each gathering.

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