December ATS Events

The ATS Group will meet only once in December–on Saturday, December 7, at Ancient Future in Sacramento. We will not meet on December 21 because of the holidays.
Sandy Kaufman will provide a presentation for us on “Mussar.” Mussar is a Jewish Spiritual tradition which can be enjoyed by all. It is a practical set of teachings for cultivating personal growth and spiritual realization in the midst of day to day life. The ultimate goal is to become a more whole and holy person. The core teaching of Mussar is that our deepest essence is inherently pure and holy, but this inner radiance is obscured by extremes of emotion, desire and bad habits. Our work is to uncover the brilliant light of the soul. Sandy will share a little history of Mussar and it’s rejuvenation in recent years. We will talk about the practice and how it is implemented in our lives daily. We each have a spiritual curriculum unique to us. We discover our curriculum through the study of traits common to all. We will explore one trait as an example of how we grow though the teachings of Mussar.

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