May 2012 ATS Gatherings

We have two wonderful ATS gatherings to look forward to in May!

On Saturday, May 12, at the Sacramento ATS gathering, Barbara Mariano will share about her ability to communicate with animals and lead us in an experiential exercise to learn the basics of how to do this.

On May 19, at the Davis ATS gathering, Kathy Zavada will return to sing and play her music for us again. She is a wonderful, inspiring inspirational singer/songwriter whose music opens our hearts and sends us souring. Kathy will lead us in some chanting and also share songs from her 8 CD releases, including songs she hasn’t yet recorded. Kathy is nationally renowned, with I-tunes of her music downloaded to every corner of the planet. Her inspirational recordings have been on’s 10 “best CDs” list. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to hear her and share in the love-vibes we will be feeling!

On Saturday April 21, at the Davis ATS gathering, I will discuss the spiritual value of money, and lead the group through an experiential exercise to connect with its true meaning for our lives. See my previous blog for more description. Be sure to email me if you plan to come to any of these gatherings.

Sacramento Valley Awakening to Spirit Group Blog

Welcome to the Sacramento Valley Awakening to Spirit first monthly Blog posting.

On this page each month I will share about upcoming ATS gatherings as well as some articles and my own teachings that relate to these gatherings.

On Saturday, April 7, the Sacramento ATS gathering will feature Larry Melton. You can read Larry’s profile here.

Since 2004, by invitation from Adyashanti (an Awakened, American, non-dual spiritual teacher (see, Larry Melton has been a spiritual teacher sharing the Dharma through satsangs (with groups), and dokusans (with individuals). Satsang literally means “association with Truth”. On April 7, Larry’s satsang will consist of a brief period of silence, a Dharma talk from Larry, then open dialogue with attendees. Larry does not teach from any particular spiritual ideology, but from the spontaneous experience and direct transmission of ever-present, changeless TRUTH.

Please join us and bring your innermost questions and deepest desire to know your true nature and awaken to Divine Oneness in everyday living.

At the upcoming ATS gathering in Davis on Saturday, April 21, I will share wisdom teachings on the true meaning and value of money in our lives, and how to have a non-attached relationship with it. I will lead a meditation and then give a talk on the spiritual “meaning” of money. The focus will be on how to relate to money for the highest spiritual good for yourself and others, and for flow in your life. I will also lead the group through an experiential exercise and discussion.

Charles Eisenstein has written a wonderful new book entitled Sacred Economics. I will discuss some of the material in the book. You may be interested in checking out Charles Eisenstein’s website: Please be sure to email me if you plan to come to either or both gatherings.